The Bean Thief – Brunch

This little cafe has just opened up in a relatively deserted part of High Street in East Kew. But this makes for an abundance of parking.

Although you won’t find too much about it on Urban Spoon, I was pleased to find that the very few reviews that had been posted where all glowing with compliments.

This cafe has ample space, two indoor rooms, one courtyard and seats out the front. Each space is beautifully designed to make it feel fresh, open and homely. The wall garden in the court yard was a particular favourite of mine (left).

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful bakery selections at the counter. It boasted tiny cakes and muffins, beautiful fresh scones and when I arrived they had just taken a batch of hot cross buns out of the oven!

The menu is two pages (again sorry for the poor photography):

It boasts lovely breakfast options, though there are lots of egg variations, and a divers lunch menu. They even have fresh panini’s on offer. I love this menu because it makes you want to come back to try something else next time. Coffee is about $3.60, so a little more than normal but the Mio coffee was very nice. The Chai tea was cute too!

 It was a bag Chai but I loved the little instructions that came with it! Very informative.

We had an Apple and Cinnamon muffin (right). If served in a cafe, one would assume and even expect for it to be served warm with a side of butter, alas it was served cold. Despite this and the strange colouring, it was nice. (I’m not trying to put you off, it was a good muffin!)

I  had a Cauliflower Soup, with parmesan and garlic ($10.50). You don’t often find Cauliflower Soups on menus, and it is defiantly one of my favourite soups when it is done well.

 All in all, this is a beautiful cafe. The wait staff where friendly and helpful.  The food is not very expensive for the high quality offered. This cafe is even  dog-frendly (the lady next to us was given a bowl of water for her dog as she  sat down). If that was not enough to sell this cafe to you, they even split bills!

I will defiantly be returning to The Bean Thief and recommending it to friends.

773 High Street
Kew East, VIC 3102

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