Sally’s Kitchen – Breakfast

A chique but intimate space, this cafe attracts all the professionals in the area. Situated on Exhibition street, only a hop away from some other brilliant coffee spots, Sally’s Kitchen is a staple in the Breakfast repertoire, but they are also a pretty great place to grab a freshly cooked lunch as well.

Admittedly I was slightly confused when I entered the cafe as to what their ‘protocol’ was. Did I find myself a table? Wait to be seated? Where their menus? Well I figured it out, after only a little prompting from the kind wait staff. You sit yourself down at a table, before or after ordering from a blackboard menu on the wall near the front counter, you are given a number to place on your table, your food will be brought to you shortly.

The menu is great and can easily be found online:

But just keep in mind that this menu does change! But this gives you a good idea of what your in for.

What’s great about this menu is that there is a lot of diversity, you are not stuck with 5 different versions of eggs on toast. There where so many things on the menu that we wanted to try that me and my fellow diner spent way to long blocking up space at the counter just drooling over our options

We ordered:

-Skinny Capachino


-Porridge with Sultana & Honey comport with Vanilla Yoghurt (served with a side of milk)

Beautiful consistency. When the yoghurt was mixed in with the comport the porridge was not sweet as expected but perfectly balanced (the yoghurt was clearly greek). Loved the way that milk was given as a side so that you could make your breakfast exactly the way that you will enjoy it most.

-Toasted Ciabatta with Sautéed Mushrooms and Olive Oil

Thick slices of Ciabatta with simple sauteed mushrooms on top, this dish lacked a little in presentation however delivered exactly what you had ordered. Mushrooms where done beautifully in the pan, not firm but not slimy.

The food was very simple both in taste and presentation. It reminded me of a home cooked meal and clearly showed the ‘back to basics’ ethics of Sally’s Kitchen. Both plates came out straight from the kitchen and toasty warm. The only problem was that the coffee was not warm enough, and was bought out to the table at the same time as the rest of the meals when they had beenordered in advance. There was a ‘do it yourself’ water table where diners could pick up a bottle of water and amusingly small cups to drink it from.

All in all, this was a lovely cafe that I would happily return to. A safe bet you can put in your back pocket for a morning when you find yourself in the city and just a little peckish.

295 Exhibition St

Melbourne, 3000

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