Studio Movida – Brunch

At the top of Glenferrie road and just a little along Cotham hides Studio Movida. A strange blend of fitness center upstairs, complete with yoga classes; and downstairs, a little café with a great reputation.

Studio Movida has been reviewed and praised mostly for its coffee. However I believe the food on offer is also of an admirable standard.

This café is clearly frequented by locals with a relaxed friendly atmosphere, people reading the newspapers at their tables and families coming in for brunch. I was a little confused as to the café’s etiquette when I walked in, but after plonking myself at a table, I was greeted by the friendly staff, who offered us breakfast menus.

The menu was traditional, but with several interesting twists, including haloumi and hommus as part of an egg dish.

We ordered coffees first. I loved the jar of organic sugar at the table!


Creamy coffee came out, that didn’t even need my standard teaspoon of sugar. It was everything the reviews said it would be and my only criticism was that I would have loved a bigger mug!

Food wise, I went for the Chunky Sourdough Fruit Toast (I love sourdough and good fruit bread, so naturally I couldn’t resist). But I was a little disappointed with my choice.

Although the chunky fig pieces were delightful, I did not quite get that dense sourdoughy flavour and instead of including the earthen sweet taste of dates to enhance the flavour of the bread, cranberries had been chosen, which added very little to my toast.

The other diner chose the Med with Mushrooms on the side.

Mounds of cooked breaky goodies arrived at our table with this dish. Including crispy bacon, lightly browned mushrooms, a generous serving of hommus and very well cooked haloumi.

The eggs were cooked to perfection and oozed yellowy goodness all over the rest of the dish. However the diner felt that the hommus didn’t really add to the flavours of the rest of the dish, but highly recommended the mushrooms that were added at a small cost!

Water was served in a vase like jug, and there was plenty for two.

Studio Movida will split bills and does let you order to take away.

I would love to return to this pocket-sized cafe to pick up one of their daily sandwich selection, their sweet treats on the counter, or even just another coffee. Next time you’re in Kew, I recommend that you drop by.

138 Cotham Rd
Kew, VIC

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