Red Door Corner Store – breakfast.

The Red Door Corner Store is snuggled in the back streets of Northcote suburbia. The corner store with a red door is a small little cafe, perfect all year round. The morning I went was a very chilly one, but the warmth from the customers, cafe staff, decor, and ambiance was enough to keep me nice n’ toasty. Most noticeably are the patisserie utensils and items strategically placed on the walls and on top of cupboards. A great change from the normality of seeing paintings and ‘indie’ artwork on walls of trendy cafes. It emulated the feeling that the food was hearty and well made. Always a plus.

Although not having a table for four, they were most accommodating in rearranging to single tables together.

Drinks were ordered and came out soon after. Very nice freshly-squeezed orange juice, served in cute little bottles.

The menu was refreshing. It had all the essentials but then some great alternatives. The most noticeable was the black rice pudding with coconut milk, fresh lychee and pineapple – good spin on the traditional porridge. I ordered this and it was interesting, although the black rice pudding didn’t particularly taste of much the coconut milk, lychee and pineapple helped. We had two breakfast burgers/rolls which were gobbled up quickly. And also the Tom cooper’s smoked salmon breakfast that was wolfed down. Our meals arrived in an appropriate time after we had ordered, just long enough for us not to be salivating at every meal that was taken to the other tables.  Coffees were ordered after eating and too arrived promptly.

The Red Door Corner Store is a perfect little, tucked away cafe, great for those anonymous Sunday mornings where you just want to soak in the sunshine, read the paper and eat a well cooked breakfast.

70 Mitchell Street
Northcote, VIC

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