Manchester Press – Brunch

Tucked away in that true Melbourne style, Manchester Press is waiting for your discovery. This new coffee hot spot is hidden down Rankin’s Lane in the city, but don’t be discouraged when you think your walking towards a dead end. Behind the glass doors lies a trendy ‘converted wear-house’ space, with an assortment of tables and chairs for your coffeeing convenience.

The ambiance was relaxed and friendly, none of the waitstaff were trying too hard or annoying you with questions. And the menus came out on clear perspex with of food options labels stuck on to them.

(Very sorry for the poor quality. Plastic is pretty hard to photograph well with lights)

Manchester Press is primarily know for excellence in coffee. A reputation that was well deserved in my opinion. They are even pretty nifty with their latte art!

In terms of food, Manchester Press has chosen a bit of a niche for itself; bagels. They offer a variety of different open toppings served on your choice of plain, poppy seed, sesame seed and wholegrain bagel. As well as a few delicious breakfast options such Cocopops
as with Milk and Raisin Bagel with Ricotta and Jam. I chose the latter.

I have never really been a fan of bagels. Often I find the bread really dense and sometimes feel like I am chewing though circular cardboard. However I was pleasantly surprised! This bagel was delicious. Light but still filling. The ricotta made the bread creamier which blended well with the sweetness of the jam. I could not get enough of this and it was only $6.

My fellow diner chose the Chorizo, Cheese, Tomato Relish and Capsicum Open Bagel, $12. When this plate came out I was amazed at the amount of toppings stacked on the bagel! Beautiful presentation! Salad was also served on the side, making a simple open bagel into a healthy, cheap and filling meal.

The diner enjoyed the meal, but felt that the chutney was overpowering the other flavours on the plate.

All in all I cant wait to go back there and have another chance to choose from that menu, or to drink their creamy coffee. Manchester Press does split bills. It’s probably a good place to meet with a fellow foodie or someone from the trendy Melbourne crowd. But it is in the middle of the city, so remember, parking is not fun!

8 Rankins Lane
Melbourne, VIC
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