Santucci’s – Breakfast

Once again, Duck and Goose found themselves in a little Melbourne Cafe, enjoying a spot of breakfast. This time we chose on hearsay. Santucci’s is a relatively new little cafe that has opened up on Toorak Road (near Warrigal) and is part of the Burwood Shops. Locals of the area have been ranting and raving about the great quality food and coffee, usually begining with the phrase ‘have you been to Santucci’s?’.

The space is homely and quirky, has several large tables that could easily cater for groups as well as more intimate two person options. However this is a popular spot and I found myself quite cramped on the table that was offered to me, until someone else left and we took their place on a different table.

The food… where to begin! The menu is great! It has some seriously interesting options, taking on the traditional breakfast menu and making it their own. The Pancakes with Poached Apple, Ricotta, Brandy Cream and Pomegranate Molassas was a serious eye catcher! Though there where a lot of egg and nut choices, so if you have allergies I would be very weary. The lunch menu was also diverse and fresh with lots of salads and sandwiches that were made to order. At the counter there are also a variety of cakes and tarts (not really any muffins or scones that you would usually find). The drinks menu also takes up a whole page including organic fair trade coffee, freshly squeezed juices and spiders!

But I could not turn down the very first breakfast option, Rosemary Field Mushrooms on Sourdough Toast with Smashed Avocado, Goats Cheese, Fresh Basil and White Truffle Oil ($15).

You just cant pass up on the mushroom and truffle oil combination, and I loved the way they had chosen goats cheese instead of the traditional fetta option. Piles and piles of mushroom and avocado was stacked up on generous slices of Sourdough. I had to disassemble the stack just to begin to eat it. I think they served close to a whole avocado! The mushrooms were broad and flat, perfectly cooked with a salty earthen taste. The basil was the perfect palate neutraliser between all the strong salty and creamy flavours on the plate. It was delicious.

Goose chose Giuseppes Breaky – Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Italian Sausage, Bacon, Field Mushrooms, Roasted Tomato and Spinach. ($17) But decided to substitute the bacon for avocado.

When this plate first came to the table, we were shocked to notice it was lacking a key element… the eggs! After informing the waitstaff they quickly whisked it away from our table.

Before returning the completed dish.

Goose was a little disappointed with her eggs, as they were under cooked (probably due to the rush at trying to get them out). However all the other elements of the dish were fabulous and ever so filling!

Santucci’s was happy to split our bill. Though we never got around to a coffee as we were so full from these hearty meals. The staff were friendly and although I felt that the dishes were rather on the pricey side of breakfast dining, the serving size certainly worked towards compensating for this.

1392 Toorak Rd
Camberwell, VIC
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