Knead Bakers – Breakfast

I found out about Knead Bakery after seeing Fruit Toast by ‘Knead’ on the menu at The Pour Kids. It seems like this little cafe is one of Hawthorn’s best kept secrets.

Situated slightly away from the shops on Glenferrie road, this warm and welcoming bakery can be found opposite Swinburne Secondary College. Even though I visited this cafe on a Saturday morning, the cafe wasn’t very busy at all. A couple of regulars and a few walk ins.

The space is reminiscent of a country bakery, with that same freshly made smell. There are eye-catching pastries, muffins and croissants on display at the counter. And just behind the counter there is a wall of freshly baked bread of all varieties. Littered around the tables and on shelves are newspapers, food magazines and even the Good Cafe Guide.


Sit yourself down at a table, but not before you order from the chalkboard menu. Breakfasts on offer included a Selection of Toasts (of their own bread) with butter and jam ($5) Ham and Cheese Toasties ($7.5) and Porridge with Sultanas and Honey ($7.5). Along with several different egg dishes. Everything on the menu is simple and homely.

We had coffee that was of excellent quality, there was also a variety of juices and other cold drinks as well as your Chai Latte and Hot Chocolate basics.

I ordered Sauteed Mushrooms on Toast ($9). This dish was served on Knead Sourdough and was brought out to the table promptly. I loved the presentation on this dish. It just made me want to dive in straight away. The mushrooms were thickly cut and simply sauteed without any extras. The toast had a yeasty whole and fresh flavour, it was very different to the mass produced bread we are used to. The dish was hearty, but even though I was full, I couldn’t help finish off every crumb.


My fellow diner chose the French Toast with Spiced Blueberries ($9.5). I almost wanted to swap when this dish came out! It looked delicious (although covered in cream!). However because the bread chosen was baguette cut thickly, the egg and milk had not completely soaked though and the toast was ‘raw’ in the middle. But all the toppings made up for this, a blend of maple syrup, poached blueberries and cream.

I think the greatest part of this cafe is the atmosphere. It was so relaxed. It would be so easy to spend the whole day reading the newspaper, drinking excellent coffee and breaking into one of their perfect baguettes. Duck in for a cosy Sunday morning.

396 Burwood Rd
Hawthorn, VIC
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