The Pour Kids – Lunch

This relatively new addition to the Malvern shopping strip is turning heads with its cheery decor and inventive menu. Although the cafe has not quite got on the ball in terms of organization and service, the potential for cafe greatness is well in the making.

When I entered The Pour Kids, I was greeted by friendly staff and shown to a table. Multi-coloured chairs fill this vibrant space and the whole room was awash in sunlight. I couldn’t help but notice the counter which was full of sandwiches and pastries.


This cafe uses Axil coffee and everyone has been talking about the rich, smooth and creamy coffee that they produce. They also offer freshly squeezed juices and a variety of cold drinks. However twenty minutes after ordering our drinks, we had to remind the waitress that we had ordered. We were also not given a menu until we asked for one, despite having being sitting at the table for some time and having ordered drinks.


The menu is available online, and what a scrumptious menu it is! They have tried to make as much of the food they offer on site, as well as using seasonal and local produce. However keep in mind that the sandwiches are pre-made and can not be altered. Quirky titles are used to describe even quirkier breakfast dishes. I love the Duck for Cover- Italian-style pork sausage, with burnt-butter gnocchi, fried duck egg and rainbow chard. This is such an original take on breakfast dishes that can often become monotonous. I would also love to go back and try  The Clark Kent of Muesli – Muesli of ancient ‘super grains’, served with organic yoghurt and pomegranate seeds.


I chose the Duck Season – Confit duck on ciabatta roll, with spiced quince chutney, petite herbs and shoots ($11) , after eying it off in the cabinet. Originally I wanted to try the Appetite Sopressa- Sopressa salami, Pyengana cheddar, balsamic- pickled onion and mizuna lettuce, on ciabatta roll (above picture), however there was a muddle up with the waitress after I specifically asked double checked for no mayo. After checking again, once I could see the mayo on my sandwich, the waitstaff were very apologetic and instead brought me the Duck Season. I was very impressed with this sandwich. Defiantly not light on the duck! Huge juicy pieces of duck filled my sandwich, which was served with a side mini-salad. But I felt that the sandwich was perhaps a little light on the chutney and it was lacking a real fresh flavor to it.


My fellow diner chose the Three Bears Out Hunting – Raspadura-enriched porridge, with stewed rhubarb and pistachio praline ($10.5). Raspadura is a type of sugar for those wondering what that means, I know I was! This porridge was given as a generous serving, the rhubarb had a beautiful aroma that wafted out across the cafe. The diner was very pleased with her choice.

All in all, the food was pretty exciting and I will defiantly be returning to try some of the other menu goodies. Although the service was patchy, the waitstaff were friendly and I’m sure they will quickly get up to scratch. If they don’t bring you what you want, just ask. We were able to split our bill.

So keep watch out for The Pour Kids, sure to be catching the eye of foodies everywhere!

1e Winter St
Malvern, VIC

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