Coffeehead – Breakfast/Coffee

This cafe may have only been open for a couple of months, have recently created its first menu and still receive quizical looks when mentioned to the cafe community, but you would never know it!

Coffeehead runs like the well oiled machines that belong in this converted wear-house space. The staff treat you like locals, they would be more than happy to give you a recommendation, or tell you about the delicious treats on the counter. Service was prompt and accommodating.

The space is open with retro diner feel. Plenty of table options, huge communal tables, small intimate two person options as well as everything in between. There is a comprehensive selection of magazines to complete your coffee experience, as well as several cafe related bits and bobs on sale. Coffeehead is the perfect place for a casual breakfast between friends or a place for the whole family on a Sunday morning, the staff are happy to help with the little tackers.

The menu is as retro and family friendly as the cafe itself. Love the inclusion of baked beans and spaghetti!


As well as the written menu, there are a variety of different cakes, sweet treats and sandwiches on offer each day. These choices change daily but all the sandwiches are served on ciabatta rolls, and generally include cold meats, smoked salmon and vegetarian options.

We had Orange Juice ($4), Kali Organic Hot Chocolate ($4.5) and Bircher Muesli topped with Summer Fruits.


All the food was beautifully presented with generous portions. The muesli included sultanas and almonds was fresh and delicious.

I cant wait to go back to this cafe and try all the other things on the menu (especially the novel ‘Mouse Traps‘ – Vegemite and Cheese toasties!) Before long I am sure this cafe I will be a regular in this friendly atmosphere.

8-10 Railway Parade
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