Goldilocks – Breakfast

Yes, there is porridge on the menu and it is just right!

Goldilocks is tucked away down a little ally way off the Well carpark, a small red ‘CAFE’ sign is the only allusion to the bright welcoming space within. You cant help but notice the mural on the feature wall, bold colours and child like drawings that are reminiscent of a primary school. The space itself is bright, open and charming, there is a table with a variety of magazines and a neat arrangement of table for couples or small groups, each decorated with flowers. On display in the cabinet are todays pides as well as a variety of sweet treats. In fact this cafe had a lot in common with Coffeehead, though less industrial.


When we chose a table we were shown the coffee menu as well as given individual food menus. I loved the dedication to a full page drinks menu, with lots of options for the non-coffee drinkers. I have to say I was drooling over the glasses of Hot Chocolate on the table opposite us.


The food menu is brilliant. There are options for the adventurous as well as plenty of choices to add to your dish. The ‘build your own porridge’ idea is fantastic, as well as the sides for hot dishes and pide for breakfast.

The coffee was excellent, a smooth flavour with beautiful latte art to top it off.

I had the Prosciutto, Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Pide ($9.5). The prosciutto was rich in flavour and basil added that fresh zest to the dish. I loved the toasted pide bread, which was exactly as this bread should be, airy and stringy in texture. My criticism was the amount of mozzarella, it was literally falling out everywhere and the juice of the toasted tomato that was dripping all over the plate. But this was a very filling and tasty choice.

My fellow diner had the Sweet Vanilla Rice Porridge ($8.5). They chose not to add anything extra to their porridge in order to taste the rice porridge by itself. While the dish was tasty, it could have done with some Poached Fruit of the Day ($4) on top. The texture was a like rice pudding, but creamier. The serving size was also decent.

The other diner had the Pulled Pork, Fried Eggs with Asian Salad and Herb Chilli Salsa ($16.9), making the comment ‘that’s a weird combination’, it was. The pork was a nicely fried chop, that broke into strands when cut into. The eggs were served on a thick slice of organic sourdough and the asian salad was kind of like a asian coleslaw blend. However whilst each element was tasty, none of the flavours on the plate matched. This defiantly seemed like more of a lunch dish than a breakfast option.

All the staff were friendly and helpful. They were on hand to provide us with a new bottle of water when it ran out and also let us split the bill. Our coffee orders were taken when we arrived and brought out in a timely manor to the table giving us enough time to decide what we wanted to eat, drink our coffee and then be presented with our scrumptious breakfasts.

I will definitely be taking another trip to Goldilocks in search of my perfect bowl of porridge.

169 Camberwell Road

Hawthorn East
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