LE MIEL et la lune – Breakfast/Lunch

I discovered Le Miel as a I whilst wandering around Carlton one day. As it turns out, in the search for cafes, one of the best ways to find one is simply to wander past. This cafe is new to the Carlton scene, situated between Lygon Street and Melbourne University, but it definitely knows how to do business.

The open plan cafe has options for seating small or medium sized groups in their simple dining room. The space is filled with natural light from large windows and the counter is the centre point of the room. At the counter you will find a variety of mini sweet treats, as well as sandwiches made fresh each morning.

Upon entering you will be asked if you would like a drink, before being presented with the menu. The coffee is Proud Mary beans, but for the non-coffee drinkers there are a range of juices, smoothies,  teas, hot chocolates and their iced counterparts (Note: no decaf coffee as yet). The coffee is not my personal favourite, but I am not a huge fan of Proud Mary coffee.

The staff are exceptionally friendly and responsive to your every request. Even better, this is not a cafe where you will be sitting around hungrily waiting for your food. Service is prompt and consistent, even for larger groups.

Their menu has something for everyone. There are decadent options such as Belgian dark chocolate brioche french toast with poached seasonal fruits, maple syrup, candied pistachios & vanilla ice cream ($15.5), as well as lunchy breakfast choices Multigrain rice salad with char-grilled zucchini, eggplant, Korean seasoned bean shoot, capsicum, cucumber, carrot and a fried egg ($14.5). There are also simple options and the choice to add or take away items from your dish. Both gluten free and vegetarian dishes are available on request and marked on the menu. There is definitely an asian influence on dishes that brings an element of fresh and zesty flavour to the dishes.

Personally I have enjoyed their Mashed avocado on organic ‘Zeally Bay’ toast with tomato salsa and rocket salad ($12.5). Never have I felt so healthy after eating breakfast out! The toast was perfect, the salsa spicy and if you love rocket this is definitely a dish for you.

I have also enjoyed their Organic ‘Zeally Bay’ fruit toast with honey ricotta ($6.5). This beautiful sourdough fruit toast was crammed with spices and fruit and the ricotta made a light fresh topping.


Basically, I have been here so many times with my friends that we have almost tried every dish on the menu. They have all been excellently presented, large portions and very tasty. I think the fact that we continue to go back is a testament to how well this new cafe has done for itself and I highly recommend it to any wandering brunchers.

330 Cardigan St Carlton

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