Adeney Milk Bar – Lunch

Nestled amongst residential housing, looking out on to Victoria Park, Adeney Milk Bar has opened its doors to the public. Featuring a beautiful coffee machine and unassuming interior, its easy to believe that this building was once a milk bar, and before that a home.

I have visited Adeney twice now in the space of one week, because the first time, I only came for coffee and immediately regretted having breakfast before I left the house. My return visit, which will be one of many I’m sure, let me sample some of the Breakfast/Lunch menu on offer. A simple and very satisfying affair.


Lacking the pretension of many cafes in the area and only featuring a one poached egg choice, this is not the cafe to come to if you are looking for double smoked bacon on maple brioche french toast. But is its the place to come for simple, ‘made to order’ bready dishes that will keep you going all day. Menu headings include things like ‘Bakery’, ‘Oats’, ‘Toasties’, ‘Eggs and Brunch’ and ‘Sandwiches’.


I ate the Smashed avocado with feta, mint & lemon on sourdough ($12), but as I am fussy, and don’t like to have my avocado to feta ratio tilted too much on the cheesy side, I ordered my feta on the side and white sourdough instead.


I love the addition of mint to the finely diced avocado, though did add some salt and pepper of my own as there didn’t seem to be any in the mix. The feta was rich and salty (I am glad I ordered it on the side) and the lemon worked well with the mint adding a light and fresh flavor to the dish. What’s more there was a perfect amount of avocado to spread across every corner of my two generous sourdough slices.

My fellow diner at the Porridge with cinnamon poached pear & raisins, topped with toasted pistachios & sugar ($10). Definitely coming back for that one. The fruit looked delicious, and the idea of cinnamon poached pears really floats my porridge boat. The serving bowl was relatively shallow in size, though porridge is a little like risotto, a little goes a long way. The wait staff are also happy to give you a little jug of milk if you ask.

(NB: Photo taken from first visit)


In terms of decor, there are big glass windows looking out the front of the cafe on to the park, perfect for people watching. The space is bright and fresh, little tables dotted around two rooms and with benches out the front. The bathroom is out the back, hidden in the Aussie backyard, past a small family home sized kitchen.

The waitstaff were warm and friendly, chatting to us about their opening and about the menu. They are more than happy to help if you have questions or would like alterations.

All in all, Adeney makes a great local if you live in Kew or if you happen to be in the area. Maybe its not the kind of cafe that people will travel from far and wide to visit for its culinary acclaim, but I am sure they will be a hit with the locals for years to come.

70 Adeney Ave, Kew
Adeney Milk Bar on Urbanspoon


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